Our Services

Liberty Classical Schools provides a variety of services and support for our schools. Our goal is to give you the tools that you need to plan, start, and operate a local classical school. If you are interested in partnering with Liberty Classical Schools to start a new school in your community, we’d love to speak with you.


  • Manage organizational performance in compliance with the law and the Charter Agreement
  • Recruit and recommend for hire Head of School candidate for final consideration and approval by Board
  • Training, day-to-day supervision, and evaluation Head of School under delegated Board authority as further set forth in the Agreement
  • Train and support other senior leadership position
  • Uphold alignment with Hillsdale/BCSI American classical model of education
  • Manage strategic relationships (Boards, Hillsdale, authorizers, donors)
  • Review and recommend approval of contracts and grants
  • Manage special projects
  • Implement Entrepreneurs Operating System and guide strategic planning and reporting initiatives


  • Provide a designated Chief Financial Officer with the credentials required by authorizers
  • Manage budgeting, forecasting, analysis, reporting
  • Perform controller, bookkeeping, and accounts payable tasks maintaining appropriate separation of duties
  • Complete the DE46 and other reports required by authorizers
  • Manage third-party audits and complete Form 990
  • Provide grant reporting support
  • Manage contracts

Advancement & Communications

  • Lead system-wide fundraising efforts intended to produce grants and loans in support of schools’ strategic and capital plans
  • Manage branding, marketing, and content creation in support of campus-level communications specialist
  • Manage website framework, renewals, and upgrades
  • School campaign support (annual, capital, special, administration)
  • Oversee volunteer programs
  • Source major gifts, philanthropic grants
  • Manage fundraising policies and procedures
  • Manage student/family enrollment outreach including presentations, tours, and marketing

Data & Administration

  • Manage board meeting reporting and administration
  • Manage policies, handbooks, procedures manuals
  • Monitor and report regarding authorizer academic, financial, legal, and operational compliance
  • Manage charter agreement initial publications and renewal
  • Manage accreditation processes
  • Initiate government grant application
  • Monitor government grants and evaluations
  • Manage title and other governmental programs and grants
  • Manage open enrollment process; bring student records to complete registration
  • Coordinate with authorizers and school leaders regarding enrollment compliance
  • Oversee provision and billing of legal services by outside legal counsel and advise board regarding same
  • Maintain dashboard report useful to authorizers, board, school leaders, and faculty
  • Manage state reporting requirements (FTE, GUIDE, etc.) state reporting requirements (FTE, GUIDE, etc.)
  • Report enrollment data

Human Resources

  • Manage talent sourcing and acquisition and recruiting
  • Manage system of record
  • Manage employee, contractor, and volunteer onboarding and offboarding
  • Manage employment policies/compliance
  • Manage employee contracts/credentialing
  • Manage payroll/benefits/TRS
  • Manage stipends, workers’ compensation claims, training & development
  • Complete the CPI process, FTE support, and other reports and processes required by authorizers


  • Consult on safety, security, facilities, construction, maintenance and repair, food service, front office, scheduling, carpool
  • Manage information technology support including campus networks, AV equipment, computers, video, security, and other safety systems
  • Provide support to COVID-19 response team, as required
  • Major project management
  • Process documentation and training
  • Support online testing