Forming Knowledgeable, Virtuous Citizens

Liberty Classical Schools launches and operates K12 classical schools. The Mission of each Liberty school is to form knowledgeable, virtuous citizens.

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At a time when millions of Americans are caught between private school tuition and large public schools that are not a fit for their children, Liberty Classical Schools (Liberty) exists to launch and operate classical K-12 public charter schools that emphasize virtuous living, traditional learning, and civic responsibility.

The classical model of education has been successfully implemented for 2,500 years. Classical charter schools across the country are closing the achievement gap, proving that a return to the basics – teacher-led instruction, content-rich curriculum, phonics-based literacy, great books read in their entirety, high standards for student behavior and performance, and even Latin – is one of the most effective ways to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Liberty believes that the highest approach of education continues to be training the minds and strengthening the hearts of our nation’s children, and imbuing them with the knowledge and virtue necessary for building happy lives full of meaning and purpose.

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We launch classical schools

School Partnership

Our team of experienced founders and operators of classical schools helps communities to start K-12 classical charter schools by determining feasibility considering public demand and political climate, guiding outreach efforts, supporting site selection and facilities efforts, and more.

Liberty also works with future school leaders, training them in current Liberty schools and preparing them as new schools launch, as a part of our Leadership Fellowship Program.

Once a school is launched, Liberty provides guidance and support in a number of areas, including data and administration, human resources, operations, and advancement.

Our Vision for Impact

Ten Schools in Ten Years

Liberty’s goal is to launch and operate ten K-12 American classical schools in 10 years. By 2032, Liberty aims to serve over 9,000 students and their families and graduate over 400 citizen-leaders every year. These men and women will be shaped by the best in our moral and intellectual heritage and prepared to build happy lives full of meaning and purpose. They will be well-qualified for future studies in law, medicine, business, engineering, technology, theology or any other professional or vocational pursuit.

About Us

Liberty exists to launch and support K12 classical schools. Our team of experienced founders and operators helps communities to start schools and provides ongoing management support and consulting.

Our Schools

Liberty schools offer families a time-tested liberal arts curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of reading, writing, literature, arithmetic, science, art, music, Latin, and a story-rich history curriculum.

Get Involved

The growth of Liberty Classical Schools can only happen with through partnership with community leaders, invested parents, and generous donors.

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